Wireless Solar Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System DIY TPMS with 4 External Sensors Bar/PSI Unit

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This TPMS comes with a 2 way rechargeable display that can be charged by solar energy or mini USB charging slot, and 4 internal sensors. Wireless transmission, no wire connection is needed. Rear-time monitoring tire pressure and temperature. TPMS can help you to avoid tire accidents due to tire failure, to reduce the fuel consumption and to extend the tire life.

Wireless 2-way rechargeable display.
Display can be charged by solar energy or mini USB charging slot.
Match with 4 internal sensors.
Wireless transmission, no wires connection is needed. Place on dashboard freely.
Real-time monitoring tire pressure and temperature at the same time.
Display with visual and audible warning.
Adjustable threshold of tire pressure.
Convertible pressure unit (Bar / PSI).
Sleeping mode available.

Color: black
Display: black-and-white screen, color screen (optional)
Operating Temp.: -20~+80
Pressure unit: Bar / PSI
Pressure range: 0-4.5Bar
Low pressure value: 15-36Psi or 1.1-2.5Bar
High pressure value: 36-56Psi or 2.5-3.9Bar
Pressure sensitivity: ±0.1Bar(1.5Psi)
Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz
Built-in battery capacity: 3.6V / 550mA
Package size: 20 * 20 * 3.5cm/7.8*7.8*1.37in
Package weight: 348g / 12.27oz  

Package List:
1 * Display
4 * Internal sensors
1 * Set of Accessory
1 * Anti-slip Mat
1 * User Manual
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Amazing for price

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I love it

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